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  1. Juan Antonio Bohajar says:

    Hello, Pablo. I am Juan Antonio Bohajar.
    I couldn.t go to class yesterday and i won´t be able to go class this evening.
    I´m not afraid about my examinatión,. The problema is is that I am sick . I have get flu or something like that.
    I´ll see you on monday, I hope

  2. Juan Antonio Bohajar says:

    Hello Pablo I won’t be in Murcia until september 9th
    I don’t not know what happens if I don’t take the exam.
    Will I be able to repeat the grade?

    • Hello Juan Antonio,
      I’m sorry, the exams are on 2nd September (written) and 5th September (oral). I can’t change that for you. Of course you can take Intermedio 1 again next school year. In order to register for Intermedio 1 again, keep an eye on http://www.eoimurcia.org and you’ll find the necessary information. Regards.

  3. Jose Victor says:

    Hi pablo,
    Im working with a teacher in his office right now. So I wont be able to assist to your class today. Moreover, I lost muy agenda in the bus this morging. So I was wondering If you could tell me how many missed clases I have so I ask to my teacher for an assistance note.

    Sorry for being such a pain in the arse… But Im having an awful day.

  4. alba rodriguez says:

    Hola Pablo. Soy Alba Rodríguez no pude ir el 17 de junio a ver el examen y el 25 tampoco. Tu en clase dijiste que, el 24 pondrían Los resultados en la pagina web, pero he entrado y no sale nada. Gracias

    • Hola. Siento que no hayas podido ver la nota. Lo has aprobado todo menos la expresión escrita (la redacción, el writing). El examen de recuperación es el miércoles 2 de septiembre a las 10 de la mañana en el aula 1. Confírmame que has leído esto, por favor.

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