Semipresencial: homework.

Intermedio 2 H:

+SB, p. 17, ex, 7: Choose one of the eight topics in this exercise and write a composition about it (175-200 words).

+To be self-corrected:

-WB, p. 12, ex. 3.

-SB, p. 16, 17, ex. 6 b, c, d. Key: b, c: 1-the Greeks, 2-the Germans, 3-the Americans, 4-the Brtish, 5-the Japanese (followed by the British), 6-the Japanese, the British, the Germans, 7-the French, 8-the Americans, 9-the Americans, the Italians and the Spanish, 10-the Italians, the French; d: undisputed=indiscutible, aim=objetivo, keen on=interesados en, upmarket=caro, Eager to soak up=Deseosos de empaparse de, hoteliers=hoteleros, frugal=frugal, at the bottom of=abajo de


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