Intermedio 2: previous stuff.


-Horas de atención a alumnos: horario-de-atencion-a-alumnos-de-pablo-nicolas

-Contenidos: ni2-contenidos

-Criterios de calificación: ni2-criterioscalificacion

-Criterios de evaluación: ni2-criteriosevaluacion

-Textbook: “English File. Intermediate Plus. Third edition” (Oxford). By Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden and Paul Seligson. You have to buy both the student’s book and the workbook. ISBN: 9780194558037, 9780194558112–key-pack/9780194558235/2300374

-First unit of the student’s book and of the workbook: english_file_workbook_intermediate_plus-unit1english-file-intermediate-plus-unit1english-file-intermediate-plus-students_book-grammar-1a

-Entry checker with the key: entry-checker-for-intermediate-plusenglish-file-intermediate-plus-entry-chequer-key

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