-Intermedio 1 G: WB, p. 28, ex. 3a; sentences 5-8; optional: SB, p. 42, 43, Revise & check (Grammar, Vocabulary, Can you understand this text?)

Here is the key to the optional homework from the student’s book (pages 42-43), so that you can check the answers:
1 c, 2 a, 3 c, 4 b, 5 a, 6 a, 7 b, 8 b, 9 c, 10 b, 11 a, 12 a, 13 c, 14 b, 15 b.
a  1 in
    2 for
    3 on
    4 at
    5 of
b 1 limit, 2 belt, 3 lanes, 4 rush, 5 rank
c 1 stuck, 2 van, 3 platform, 4 set, 5 take
d 1 boring, 2 frightening, 3 excited, 4 disappointed, 5 depressing
e 1 leave, 2 engaged, 3 hung, 4 screensaver, 5 ringtones
Can you understand this text?:
a It was a classical concert.
b Someone’s mobile phone rang.
b 1 fourth movement / marimba
    2 No
    3 a) horrified discomfort b) supportive, happy, applause
    4 No
    5 No, but several bars back
    6 Yes, it was brave

-C1B: Write a report of 250-300 words. These are the instructions: “The Cartagena Council is going to set up a public cycle hire scheme. However, they want to do it under safe conditions, since similar initiatives in other cities have resulted in numerous casualties, as many cyclists have been run over by motorists. Write a report for the council analysing the flaws that similar systems have had elsewhere, how these risks ca be avoided and making some recommendations.”

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