-Intermedio 1 G: sentences 18-19; WB. p. 24, ex. 1; p. 25, ex. 3.

-C1B: correct sentences 15-16; study irregular verbs orally (fourth page); write a piece of flash fiction; WB, p. 35, ex. 1.

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One Response to Homework.

  1. Juan Pablo Ortego says:

    I am sending my piece of flash fiction by this means. If it is not right, say it and I’ll print it.

    ‘Twenty-five years is a long time,’ thought as he fetched the keys. He headed to the entrance which nobody has trespassed since. He turned the security locks and could hardly push the steel door. In semidarkness, a figure remained motionless but heartbreakingly yelled: ‘You’ll never get me to love you’

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