C1: topics for the February oral exam.

Here are the topics you have to prepare for your oral exam in February:

-Personal identification

-House, town, city

-Everyday activities


-Travel and transport

-Human and social relationships

-Health and physical care


-Purchases and commercial activities


-Goods and services

-Language and communication

-Climate and weather

-Science and technology

I know, this list comprises basically any topic one can imagine and the vocabulary you need is endless. But this is what’s on the C1 syllabus, and it is my duty to stick to it. Our book only tackles some of the aforementioned issues, but the ones that do not figure in the book are being covered by the following means:

-in the classes with the language assistant

-in the conversation hours with Fuensanta (if you can’t attend these sessions, you can find and download the stuff from this blog)

-in our classes – this is why I gave you alternative topics for your for and againts essay, for instance.

Not all the themes have been dealt with yet, as we are only halfway through the school year, but they will have been discussed by June.

However, don’t get too stressed over knowing highly specific vocabulary on all the topics above. If your general level of English is high enough, you will be forgiven for not knowing how to say “vesícula biliar” in English, if you know what I mean…

PS: gall bladder

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