-Intermedio 1 G: SB, p. 26, ex. 4a; study irregular verbs orally (second column).

-C1B: study irregular verbs orally (second page); photocopy (cloze 1); SB, p. 41, ex. 6: write an opinion essay (for/against), about the topic suggested in the book or any of the following:

EDUCATION: Should state-subsidised schools disappear? (private, state, state-subsidised)

ENVIRONMENT: Should citizens be banned from using their cars in the city centre on certain days, in order to avoid air pollution? (fossil fuels, exhaust fumes, sustainable development)

TRAVEL: Are ride-sharing platforms like Blablacar or Uber unfair competition to taxis and therefore should be banned?

SCIENCE: Is it morally acceptable to test cosmetics and medicines on animals?

FOOD: Is organic food a sham?

ECONOMY: Should any unemployed person be entitled to a minimun wage of 600 euros for good?

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