Básico 1: contents of the oral exam in June

These are the topics for the monologues at the oral exam in February:

-Greetings: Hello. / Hi. / Nice to meet you. / Bye. / Goodbye. / Good morning / Good afternoon. / Good evening. / Good night.

-Name, surname (spell): What’s your name? / What’s your surname? / Can you spell it? / How do you spell it? / My name is Pablo. / My surname is Nicolás.

– *:) feliz How are you? / I’m fine, thanks.

-Phone number: My phone number is 612345678. / What’s your phone number?

-Origin: Where are you from? / I’m from Murcia, in Spain.

-Age: How old are you? / I’m 2o (years old).

-Occupation: What do you do? / I’m a teacher / I’m unemployed.

-The time: What time is it? / What’s the time? / It’s half past four.

-Place of residence: Where do you live? / I live in La Unión.

-Things: What’s that? / It’s a mobile phone. / What are these? / They’re keys. / etc.

-Hobbies: What kind of music do you listen to? / What kind of films do you like? / I listen to… / I like… / Who is your favourite singer? / My favourite singer is María Jiménez. / etc.

-Daily routine: What time do you get up? / I get up at 8 o’clock. / Do you have breakfast in the morning? / Yes, I do. / What do you have for breakfast? / I have a coffee and toast for breakfast. / How do you go to work/school? / I go to work/school by car. / What time do you start work? / I start work at a quarter to nine. / How do you feel at the end of the day? / I feel tired and happy / What do you do in the morning? / First, I get up. Later, I have a shower. / etc.

-Describe your family: Do you have brothers and sisters? / Yes, I do. I have a brother and two sisters. / What’s your sister’s name? / Her name is María. / How old is she? / She is 13 (years old).  / etc / Describe your brother physically. / He is tall. He is fat. He has dark hair and brown eyes. He is very good-looking. / What does your mother do in the morning? / First, she wakes up. Then, she has breakfast. / etc.

-Situation in a café/restaurant: Can I help you? / Can I have…? / Would you like…? / Here you are. / How much is that? / Thank you / Sorry.

-Situation in a clothes shop: Can I help you? / Can I have…? / Would you like…? / Here you are. / Can I try it on? / Where are the changing rooms? / I would like a medium size / How much is that? / Thank you / Sorry.

-Present continuous: What are you doing now? / I’m watching TV. /  Why are you studying English? /I’m studying English because I need it for my job. / Which TV series are you watching at the moment? / I’m watching “Games of Thrones”. / Which book are you reading at the moment? / I’m reading “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

-Abilities: What can you do? / I can speak Spanish and a little English. / Can you play the piano? / Yes, I can.

-Birthday: When is your birthday? / It’s on (the) twenty-fifth (of) April.

-Date: What date is it today? / What’s the date today? / It’s Tuesday, (the) third (of) May, 2015. / What date was it yesterday? / What was the date yesterday? / It was Thursday, (the) twelfth (of) August, 2015.

-Weather: What’s the weather like? / It’s warm and a little windy. / What was the weather like yesterday? / It was very hot but cloudy.

-Past simple: What did you do yesterday? / I got up at half past eight, then I had breakfast, etc.

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