Básico 1: answers to the exercises in the book “Rip Van Winkle & The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

Page 0 (Before reading): 1: a-George Washington, b-Abraham Lincoln, c-Pocahontas, d-King George III, e-Henry Hudson. 2: King George III, George Washington, Henry Hudson.

Page 6 (Reading check): a1, b3, c1, d2.

Pages 6, 7 (Word work): 1: magic, neighbours, river, wild, game, he, clothes, mountain, stranger, farm. 2: a-lazy, b-stranger, c-neighbours, d-game, e-river, f-clothes, g-farm, h-mountains.

Page 7 (Guess what): 2 1 5 6 4 3

Page 12 (Reading check): a3, b5, c1, d8, e4, f7, g10, h6, i2, j9.

Pages 12, 13 (Word work): 1: explorer, beard, ghost, lot, mad, inn, king, welcome, baby, ago, or, do, strange. 2: a-explorer, b-King, c-baby, d-beard, e-inn, f-strange, g-mad, h-ago. i-Welcome, j-ghost.

Page 13 (Guess what): I don’t understand this exercise.

Page 14 (Before reading): 1: all answers are correct. 2: a-Ichabod loves Katrina, b-Katrina loves Ichabod, c-Katrina loves Brom, d-Brom hates Ichabod, e-Ichabod hates Brom, f-Ichabod is afraid of the ghost with no head, g-Van Tassel likes Ichabod, h-Van Tassel likes Brom, i-Van Tassel loves Katrina, j-Brom loves Katrina. 3: happy: Brom, Katrina, Van Tassel; unhappy: Ichabod.

Page 20 (Reading check): The story begins in Tarry Town, a village on the HUDSON River. The mountain of Sleepy Hollow is near Tarry Town. EVERYBODY likes ghost stories in Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod Crane IS A TEACHER there. He DOESN’T HAVE a house in the valley. He likes nice food, and listening to OLD women when they tell ghost stories. He LIKES doing farm work very much. He really likes reading GHOST stories.

Pages 2o, 21 (Word work): 1: a-valley, b-church, c-witch, d-school, e-stick, f-horseman. 2: a-extra, b-thin, c-brave, d-haunted, e-legends, f-headless, g-direct.

Page 21 (Guess what): a-Ichabod meets a beautiful young woman, Ichabod meets a handsome young man; b-Ichabod tries to be the young woman’s good friend.

Page 26 (Reading check): a-Katrina van Tassel, b-is, c-Katrina, d-sing, e-Ichabod, f-Baltus Van Tassel, g-happy.

Pages 26, 27 (Word work): 1: a-Ichabod is under katrina’s SPELL, b-It’s not nice to play TRICKS on your friends, c-Can I BORROW your pen for a minute?, d-Van Tassel’s farm has got lots of big FIELDS, e-Don’t lose HOPE. I think the story finishes happily, f-Brom’s a very STRONG man – with big arms and legs. 2: a-suit, b-fighting, c-Only children, d-party, e-nightfall, f-howling, g-servant.

Page 27 (Guess what): a, c, d.

Page 32 (Reading check): a-Brom arrives at Van Tassel’s farm AFTER Ichabod, b-Ichabod is very ANGRY to see Bron there/Ichabod is NOT very happy to see Brom there, c-Eating and drinking a lot makes Ichabod feel HAPPY, d-Ichabod CAN dance very well, e-BROM tells people about nights when the Headless Horseman comes after him, f-Brom leaves Van Tassel’s farm BEFORE Ichabod, g-When Ichabod leaves the farm, he feels BAD, h-Something on a HORSE comes after him in the dark, i-He SPEAKS to it, but it DOESN’T SPEAK.

Pages 32, 33 (Word work): a-riding, b-music, c-bridge, d-fire, e-figure, f-neighbourhood, g-disappears, h-follow, i-flash, j-dance/step.

Page 33 (Guess what): a-Ichabod, b-The horseman, c-Ichabod, d-Ichabod, e-Ichabod, f-The horseman, g-Ichabod, h-Brom.

Page 38 (Reading check): a2, b4, c1, d5, e7, f3, g6, h8, i9.

Pages 38, 39 (Word work): a-pumpkin/favourite, b-throw/kick, c-galloping/saddle, d-marry, e-knock/slap.

Page 39 (Guess what): Which story do people in Sleepy Hollow like to tell about Ichabod? (b). Which is the true story? (a)

Page 45: 1: a-The Catskill Mountains SOMETIMES change colour. b-Rip ALWAYS helps the men of the village. c-Rip’s son ALWAYS wears his father’s old clothes. d-Rip NEVER answers his wife. e-Rip SOMETIMES takes his dog for a walk in the mountains. f-Rip’s wife ALWAYS gets angry when he comes home late. g-After his night on the mountain, Old Rip NEVER sees his wife again. h-Henry Hudson and his men SOMETIMES come back to the Catskill Mountains. i-Young Rip SOMETIMES works on the old farm. j-Old Rip ALWAYS goes to the inn for a drink.

Page 46: 2: a-you, b-I, c-you, d-He, e-She, f-They, g-We, h-I, i-He, j-he, k-He, l-I, m-He/You, n-I.

Page 47: 3: 2-a-Then, 4-b-At the same time, 1-c-At first, 5-d-In the end, 3-e-Later.

Page 47: 4: a3, b4, c2, d5, e1.

Page 47: 5: 1-At first, Ichabod is afraid of the headless horseman. 2-Then Gunpowder gallops away. 3-At the same time the horseman throws his head at Ichabod. 4-Later people find Ichabod’s hat and a pumpkin near the bridge. 5-In the end Brom marries Katrina.

Page 48: 6: a-easily, b-teacher, c-smoker, d-angrily, e-fighter, f-wonderfully, g-happily, h-rider, i-weakly, j-slowly, k-quickly.

Page 49: 7: a1, b4, c3, d6, e2, f8, g1, h5.

Page 50: 8: a-children’s, b-schoolboys’, c-Van Tassels’, d-Katrina’s, e-Brom’s, f-teacher’s, g-people’s, h-Ichabod’s, i-Everyone’s.

Page 51: 9: a-there’s, b-there are, c-there’s, d-There are, e-there are, f-there are, g-there’s, h-There’s, i-There are, j-there are, k-there are, l-there’s, m-there’s.

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