Optional homework for Básico 1 K & N

The Básico 1 students from groups K and N can do the exercises on pages 18 and 19 in the Student’s Book as optional homework. Here is the key, so that you can check their answers:
 1c  2a  3c  4b  5a  6b  7c  8a  9b  10b  11c  12a  13c  14b  15a
a) 1 from   2 to   3 in   4 at   5 off
b) 1 Read   2 Work   3 Stand   4 Open   5 Answer
c) 1 file (the others are numbers)
    2 Chinese (the others are countries)
    3 France (the others are nationalities / languages)
    4 Ireland (the others are continents)
    5 sixteen (the others are multiples of ten)
    6 Italy (the others are days of the week)
    7 purse (the others are always used in the plural)
    8 school (the others are part of a classroom)
    9 wallet (the others are things you read)
    10 happy (the others are negative adjectives)
d) 1 bad   2 cheap   3 clean   4 short   5 full
a) 1 A   2 day   3 files   4 good   5 dangerous
b) 1 address   2 Italy   3 expensive   4 newspaper   5 thirteen
Can you understand this text?
c) 1F  2F  3T  4F  5T  6F
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