Exam review: 19th June, room 3.

There has been an important change. The exam review will be on Thursday 19th June, in the morning, from 11.30 to 13:30, for all groups (Intermedio 1B, Avanzado 1A, Avanzado 1B, Avanzado 1C, Avanzado 1D). It will be in room 3, that is, not in our usual classroom. Students will be able to come to school and a fellow teacher will show them their exam. I won’t be there, because I’m still on sick leave, recovering from my operation. I’m sorry about it.

The final results will be published on Tuesday 24th June on http://www.eoimurcia.org. 

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4 Responses to Exam review: 19th June, room 3.

  1. María Dolores Sampedro says:

    Hi, Pablo. I hope your operation has had a good result and you are fine soon to enjoy your summer holidays. Kisses. Loli.

  2. Amadeo J. says:

    Hi Pablo,

    Wishing you all the best with your recovery.

    Good luck, and get well soon!

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