Avanzado 1C: Dinner.

In today’s class with Avanzado 1 C we agreed to go out for dinner together. All Avanzado 1 C students are very welcome and should join us! At least 8 of us are going. These are the details:

-Thursday, 5th June at 9:30pm.

-Restaurant La Regenta (C/ Periodista Antonio Herrero 9, Murcia). It is Toñi’s restaurant. https://maps.google.es/maps?q=la+regenta+periodista+antonio+herrero+9+murcia&ie=UTF-8&ei=tVWGU7bhKeWf0QXkioCIDA&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ

-Menu: 16 euros per person. It includes: some sophisticated starters, pizza for main course, cake, coffee, cava Mont-Ferrant Brut Nature and drinks. I suppose there won’t be a problem if someone wants to have something different. There is another menu which costs 20 euros. If you prefer the 20-euro menu, just leave a comment under this post or send me an e-mail.


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