+Intermedio 1B: Sentences 16-18; SB, p. 161, ex. 1 a, c; Photocopy (for Monday).

+Avanzado 1B: Sentences 16-18.

+Avanzado 1C: Sentences 12-15; COMPOSITION: Write an opinion essay. Choose one of two topics and say if you agree or disagree with the statement: 1) “It’s too expensive for society to keep prisons open. Rehabilitation outside the jail is far better”, 2) “It’s not true that we are overusing technology. It helps us improve our social life”. Write 250-300 words. Make 4 paragraphs: 1) Introduction; 2) Arguments in favor; 3) Arguments against; 4) Conclusion including your own opinion. Use at least 4 connectors. Use some passive sentences of the kind “It is said/believed/claimed that…”.


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