Optional homework for Básico 1.

Photocopy about the future (“will”). Answers to exercises 28.4 and 28.6:


3) I think we’ll win the game.

4) I don’t think I’ll be here tomorrow.

5) I think Sue will like her present.

6) I don’t think they will get married.

7) I don’t think you will enjoy the film.


1) Carmen will be in the office at 9 o’clock.

2) I don’t think Daniel will come this weekend.

3) I think we’ll be late.

4) I don’t think Ricardo will buy these shoes.

5) Do you think you’ll win the race?

6) I think I’ll see Andy on Sunday.

7) She’s a good student. She’ll pass her exams.

8) When will you know the result of your exam?

9) I think I won’t finish this exercise today.

Por favor, no hagáis el ejercicio 28.5. Para hacerlo hay que conocer el uso del presente continuo con valor de futuro, y eso no es un contenido de Básico 1, lo estudiaréis en Básico 2. Siento no haberos advertido de ello antes.

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