Optional homework for Intermedio 1.

All the intermedio 1 students can do the exercises on page 34 in the Student’s Book as optional homework. Here is the key, so that you can check their answers:
a. 1 already, 2 long, 3 Since, 4 Have, 5 yet.
b. 1 been working, 2 just made, 3 more expensive, 4 carefully as, 5 the most.
a. 1 bank (it’s a  place, not a way of paying).
    2 mortgage (it’s a noun, not a verb).
    3 hungry (it’s a “normal” adjective, not a strong one).
    4 awful (it’s a negative adjective).
    5 travel (it’s usually a verb, not a noun).
    6 helmet (it’s not a means of transport).
    7 railway station (it’s related to rail travel, not to road travel).
b. 1 filthy, 2 tax, 3 rush hour, 4 loan, 5 platform, 6 inherit, 7 boarding pass, boarding card, 8 tiny.
c. 1 off, 2 out, 3 for, 4 back, 5 by
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