Básico 2. “Revise & Check”, units 1 & 2.

These are the results of the grammar and vocabulary exercises on page 18 in the Básico 2 Student’s book. They are part of the “Revise & Check” sections, corresponding to units 1 & 2.


1c, 2b, 3a, 4c, 5a, 6c, 7c, 8b, 9b, 10c, 11a, 12c, 13a, 14b, 15c.


a: 1 do, 2 look, 3 wear, 4 take, 5 stay, 6 book, 7 invite, 8 drive, 9 play, 10 leave.

b: 1 on, 2 in, 3 in, 4 on, 5 at, 6 at, 7 on.

c: 1 beard (it’s a noun), 2 lazy (it has a negative meaning), 3 friendly (it has a positive meaning), 4 tie (it’s for men), 5 gloves (it’s for the hands), 6 scarf (it’s not jewellery), 7 dirty (it’s not about the weather), 8 luxurious (it has a positive meaning).


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